A Transformative Journey: Exploring the Holy Shift Retreat and dormant Goddess Powers

This past weekend, I embarked on a remarkable journey at the Holy Shift retreat here in Austin. It was an empowering all-women ceremony Lead by Oracle Nicole Derseweh and Dr. Courtnay Meletta.   Through their guidance I was able to  experience the  sacred plant medicine of  the heart-opening African plant Kana and micro-dose of magic mushrooms, I delved into a profound healing and spiritual upgrade. Join me as I recount the awe-inspiring moments and the transformative effects that unfolded during this extraordinary retreat.
The Heart-Opening Power of Kana:
Taking Kana, an African plant known for its heart-opening properties, was a pivotal part of the Holy Shift retreat. The benefits of this ancient plant are manifold, and one of its most prominent effects is its ability to open the heart chakra. As I consumed Kana, I felt a surge of warmth and love radiating from within, as if a hidden door in my heart had been unlocked. This beautiful sensation allowed me to connect more deeply with myself, others, and the world around me. It also removed any fear regarding journeying and I felt a deep sense of trust and joy.
The Unveiling of Magic:
Following the heart-opening experience with Kana, I ventured further into the realms of magic through a microdose of magic mushrooms. What unfolded next was beyond my wildest imagination. The very essence of my being began to transform into a ball of sunlight. It was shown to me that this spinning ball of light was starting to pick up speed. I saw my ""star"" come back online as if my whole inner system of energy was getting rebooted.  It felt as if intricate copper wires, imbued with sacred geometry, were being repaired, restoring a sense of harmony and balance within me.
The Removal of Harm:
During this transcendent journey, a powerful vision emerged in my mind. The words ""uncorrupted files"" flashed across my consciousness, and I witnessed any harm or negative imprints on my body being gently removed. It was as if a divine reset button had been pressed, leaving me feeling purified and rejuvenated. This profound healing process unfolded with each passing moment, reminding me of the immense power of spiritual and physical renewal. 
A healer and dear friend Meaghan offered to massage my head. Flower of Life geometry that illuminated each part of my head during each place she touched. She called it  cranial sacral therapy. Through her medical background and high talent of healing she suggested a potential link between cranial sacral therapy and my anxiety, it became clear that incorporating this therapy into my monthly routine could lead to a deeper sense of inner peace and well-being.
Ancient Gods and Feminine Wisdom:
In the midst of this profound transformation, I had a vision of myself sitting on a throne alongside the ancient goddesses of Egypt. I was adorned in gold Jewlery. It was a reminder of the vast reservoirs of feminine power present in the room. Each woman in the retreat seemed to emanate a unique wisdom and strength, which was generously shared and downloaded into my very being. I felt fortified by their collective power and wisdom, enabling me to align my intentions and create from a place of pure authenticity and will.
Discovering the New Me:
The Holy Shift retreat was a catalyst for my personal growth and self-discovery. I had arrived there with the intention of finding a new version of myself, one that was fully resourced and capable of manifesting my intentions with clarity and purpose. My weekend at the Holy Shift retreat in Austin was an unforgettable experience of personal growth and self-transformation. Through the heart-opening properties of Kana and the profound magic of a microdose of magic mushrooms, I underwent a spiritual and physical upgrade that left me feeling renewed and empowered. The infusion of feminine wisdom and power, along with the discovery of new healing modalities, has set me on a path of self-realization and intention-driven creation.
The Holy Shift retreat was a transformative milestone, one that will forever be etched in my heart and soul.