La Medicina

As inquiries about my recent journey to Peru pour in, I find myself hesitant, sensing that not everyone may be prepared for the depth of my experience.
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In Peru, I encountered a form of healing seldom explored in Western culture—a healing that delves into the spiritual consciousness underlying "dis-ease" itself. How does one initiate such a profound shift in consciousness? Through avenues like meditation, therapy, prayer, and even psychedelic exploration. The rich tapestry of plant medicines offers a gateway to accessing and releasing deeply buried emotions that our minds shield us from. Foremost among these is Ayahuasca, often reverently referred to as "Mother Ayahuasca." This highly evolved plant engages with each individual in a profoundly personal and transformative manner.
But how does one engage in a "plant diet"? It's crucial to understand the nuanced steps involved in communing with plant consciousness. I'll be sharing comprehensive guidance on this process in my upcoming ebook, so be sure to capture a screenshot for your reference.
Behold a true doctors office:
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By shifting the consciousness that created it, anything can be cured. The word "cure" is something I never hear in western medicine. I want you to know cures are out there.  Below are images of the plants I or other patients there dieted.
Plant medicine
By addressing the consciousness that gave rise to it, any affliction can be healed—a concept rarely embraced in Western medical discourse. I want to emphasize that true cures do exist, waiting to be discovered. Above, I've included glimpses of the plants I encountered during my journey, as well as those consumed by fellow patients.
In Peru, this healing journey is known as a "Dieta," a term sometimes misconstrued to imply a strict regimen limited solely to plants. However, my experience involved enjoying two to three meals daily alongside my plant work. Aya Madre, the unique healing center I visited, offers a holistic approach that includes meat consumption. This practice aims to fortify participants for the rigors of Ayahuasca ceremonies, which may entail purging—a vital process for releasing deeply entrenched emotional traumas stored within the body. Remarkably efficient, this method underscores the profound healing potential of plant medicines, illustrating that ailments treatable with needles can also find resolution through plant-based interventions.